TESTORS - Complete Recordings 1976-1979 2LP

[DW SNATCH66] TESTORS - Complete Recordings 1976-1979 2LP
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TESTORS - Complete Recordings 1976-1979 2LP

Killer early punk and raging late 70´s NYC power pop explosion! TESTORS had during their existence only one proper 7" release - the "Together/Time Is Mine" which is banned on those LPs, as well as dozens other hits you know or get to know! It can´t get any tougher, louder and desperate in 1976. right, it´s originally the double LP which came more than ten years on SWAMI. this limited edition reissue has total stunning designed gatefold sleeve - hand drawn artwork by fuzzgun and even couple more studio songs, 37 in total on vinyl. You´ll get three sides of studio recordings and one side of amazing live recordings. ha, this is cyclone of ELVIS COSTELLO, DEAD BOYS, SUICIDE and HEARTBREAKERS! frontman/guitarist SONNY VINCENT is touring and recording like a mad man - cult!