999999999 "White Devils" 7"

[D HZR144] 999999999 "White Devils" 7"

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Isn't it insane that we are STILL mining some incredible bands and side projects from the MySpace heyday? Yes, those days of throwing your identity to the wind and any baggage your previous band(s) carried, and creating an entirely new musical persona, a shedding of the skin, nothing to hold anyone back from investigating. Someday this will be looked back on as a phenomenon, but we can tell you that already, and 999999999 are one of the many great ‘side projects’ such as Spider, Nice Face, Black Orphan, Blank Dogs that we built this label on during that golden era, all who found themselves uploading tracks and ‘putting on the mask,; avoiding any comparisons to previous work or prejudice based on external criteria. For fans of the pivotally punk Brookline, MA rulers TUNNEL OF LOVE, who effortlessly decapitated crowds during the mid 2000's, this 999999999 concoction cooks down the Macbain brothers' formula into a glistening and gristling pop serum no one could have expected. Anthony Macbain started recording as 999999999 as far back as 2004, and we have rescued four face-fucking, skin-scathing, and filthy pop gems from his quiver, presented here on vinyl for the first time. Instantly drawing comparisons to King Tuff and Sic Alps, this EP sizzles with nasty fuzz, yet rolls like a river, and will leave you panting for more, aching to have your "face carved on the side of a mountain." We are proud to present such a crucial and raw underground slab of pure skuzz pop gold wrapped in a grimy layer of infectious flytrap-fidelity, for now, and for the ages. (Hozac)