About Slovenly Recordings  

Founded in 2002, Slovenly Recordings was a new direction for label veteran Pete "Stickerguy" Menchetti. Having just scrapped his 702 Records (Scared of Chaka / The Loudmouths) imprint, Pete was on a mission to release only the best in garage and punk shit rock for crazy kids all over the planet. Starting with a very fine full length release by the Netherlands' swampiest caveman blues duo Lo-Lite, Slovenly has grown to be one of the most respected labels world wide for totally bonkers REAL rock'n'roll!

Slovenly is a small, yet world-wide, organization made up of a few complete nutters... lifers, if you will, whose passion is deadly sound, live as well as recorded. We have offices in Spain, The Netherlands, Reno, and even Pennsylvania! We're working hard to get you the sounds you need for the fully enriched life of savage rockin' that you deserve.

We also have two subsidiary labels: I Shit In The Milk, which is for the records Pete deems to trashy for release on Slovenly  (trash = good), and Black Gladiator: DJ Bazooka Joe's own warped little art project of demented weirdo party jams with the NOW SOUND.

All of our releases are available on VINYL as well as many on CD. We have an extensive selection of ass-whoopin' 45s available, too!


Check out this disgustingly bad ass list of bands we have released records by:

The Spits, Acid baby Jesus, J.C. Satan, Thee Oops, Magnetix, Los Vigilantes, Paint Fumes, Wau y los Arrrrghs!, The Okmoniks, Subsonics, The Hipshakes, Th' Losin' Streaks, Apple Brains, Proto-Idiot, The Cheeps, Jack of Heart, The Penetrators, Black Lips, Ridiculous Trio, Los Idiotas, Los Explosivos, The Wildebeests, Lo-Lite, The Rippers, Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire, Ape City R&B, Slab City, The Masonics, Los Pataconas, Hollywood Sinners, Low Point Drains, The Anomalys, Digger and the Pussycats, Black Jaspers, Arsene Obscene, The Sess, Reigning Sound, Necessary Evils, The Gain, The Introducers, The Insomniacs


Want to send a demo?
email digital files to djbazookajoe at slovenly dot com or send to Bazooka Joe / 29 E. Main Street / 2nd Floor, Rear / Dallastown, PA 17313 / USA