ADKINS, HASIL "Poultry In Motion" LP (Gatefold)

D NRT281
Here it is -- the Hasil Adkins CHICKEN COLLECTION! This West Virginia one man band has been doin' chicken right since his first recordings in 1955 and here delivers a family size box of finger lickin' goodies free-ranging from Chicken Walk, Chicken Twist and Chicken Shake to unissued cluckers from the vaults Chicken Hop, Chicken Wobble plus brand new poultry pounders Chicken Hunch and Chicken On The Bone! Help celebrate Hasil's fifteen years as a Norton artist with this fifteen piece bucket! Detailed notes, interviews, data in posh luxe package! Includes Hasil's own secret chicken recipe! Tracks: Chicken Walk 1956 / Chicken Hop 1957 / Chicken Twist 1962 / Chicken Flop 1986 / Chicken Shake 1991 / Chicken Wobble 1993 / Chicken Hunch 1999 / Chicken Run 1999 / Chicken Blues 1999 / Chicken On The Bone 1999 / Pick That Chicken 1999 / Cookin' Chicken 1999 / Chicken Hop 1958 / Chicken Walk 1955 / Chicken Hop 1958 "Like the Bible and toilet paper, the music of Hasil Adkins belongs in every household, and none is a home without it." - Nick Tosches (Norton)
[D NRT281] ADKINS, HASIL "Poultry In Motion" LP (Gatefold)
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