ALBRIGHT, CHARLES/ CROISSANTS "Split" LP (Pink swirl vinyl)

D SCR027
Pleasant Screams and Sacramento Records team up to present two of Sacramento's top ear-blasters! Over the past few years, THE CROISSANTS and CHARLES ALBRIGHT have built up nice following through constant gigging and a steady stream of quality records. This split LP continues their run. The Croissants have had six years to rummage through the garage and what they've found is a snot-covered miscreant, a brat barricaded in a corner with takings from mom & dad's liquor cabinet and a record player blasting "Annette's Got The Hits" and early FYP records over and over. "Buzzkill," "Trashworthy," "We're In The Basement," and "Life's A Nash" gives you a hint of what HANS, HEATHER and GABBA are up to. Charles Albright, fronted by Charles Albright (imagine that!), crashes through a wall of feedback like a crazy-eyed Kool-Aid man. Ginn-rips and frantic pounding punch drunk through "Tire Shredding" and "Short Skirt," a sly super-charged homage to mid-period Black Flag. Albright ends with a marathon assault on the chestnut "Louie Louie," a version that takes psychedelic noise into the dentist scene from Marathon Man. This has to be the most relentless take on "Louie Louie" since Jordan Michaels unleashed his glam-punk-disco dance 12" on the world in the early '80s. Edition of 500 copies. Pink swirl vinyl. (Pleasant Screams/ Sacramento Records)
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