ALBRIGHT, CHARLES "Short Skirt" 7" (Random colored vinyl)

D SAC026
CHARLES ALBRIGHT has been stomping around Sacramento most of his life. A quiet child, his teenage years birthed a noisy little monster intent on making himself heard. You can find his name on a nice pile of local produce—45s, albums, and cassingles—and now he is back with one more. On his newest single, ‘Short Skirt,’ Charles Albright (and his Charles Albright Band) blisters the balls of mid-period Black Flag with a spasmodic grnnnnt that would have knocked the worm weed out of the SST staffs' earholes. Our Jack-of-Two-Trades segues nicely into powerpop bombast with some help from the Nirvana songwriting team. Those who've dug previous Albright outings will be pleased as punk. You who are new to the game need to jump in line real quick like as there are only a couple hundred of these pups available. Random colored vinyl. (Sacramento)
[D SAC026] ALBRIGHT, CHARLES "Short Skirt" 7" (Random colored vinyl)
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