AUSMUTEANTS "Fed Through A Tube" 7"

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D TPR027
2nd press. Ausmuteants are four Geelong goons who lie compulsively, have a bad sense of humor, and probably crack up whenever negative things are written about them on the internet. My kind of guys and an obvious fit for TOTAL PUNK. Over the last two years they have been putting out record after record of hook filled punk jams of the devolved variety, and the new single is no exception. The A-side "Fed Through a Tube" is a slightly jerky punk ripper about being too lazy to chew your own food that would make Terri Schaivo proud. On the flip side "Arguements" they slow things down a bit add a catchy synth line and sing about the joys of being disagreeable. Oh yeah and did I mention they feature members of Poison? 100% TOTAL PUNK and not long for this world. (Total Punk)
[D TPR027] AUSMUTEANTS "Fed Through A Tube" 7"
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