BEAUX JENS "Trouble Baby / She Was Mine" 7" (Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue)

D HMM001

Brand new limited edition vinyl 7"—only 500 copies pressed in hand-numbered sleeve! WHOA!!! MONSTER reissue time!

Originally released on Sound Of The Sceen around April '67, Grand Ledge, MI's BEAUX JENS' only 45 has long been held in the highest regard, since flipside "She Was Mine" was first comped on Boulders Vol 3 way back in '81, then again on Back From The Grave 3 in '86. Organist Toby Bates has said “We didn’t know shit. (lead guitarist) Tim Schram was the musical leader because he actually knew chords. At the beginning of the band we were still learning how to play. We were only 15 or 16 at the time.”

Well, call it youthful exuberance, or kismet, but BOY HOWDY did they deliver a 2-sided BEAST!! Toby's haunting organ and Tim's wild guitar breaks, alongside bassist/singer Gordy Garris' bloodcurdling screams and Joe Panessidi's restless drums were coupled with a dynamic production to ensure that once you've heard these cuts, you'll be drooling like a hungry dog!

Original copies are very hard to find, and costly when you do, so why not save your hard-earned and score this expertly mastered and fully authorised reissue? (Harvest Moon Music)

[D HMM001]  BEAUX JENS "Trouble Baby / She Was Mine" 7" (Limited Edition, Numbered, Reissue)

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Format 7"