ELECTRIC CRUSH 'Dropouts in a Drug Haze' 12in

[702-103] ELECTRIC CRUSH "Dropouts in a Drug Haze" 12in

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Totally deranged 12" 45 RPM e.p. from defunct one-man unit Electric Crush: a long lost cassette only release from Las Vegas circa Y2K. Originally a 10 song tape titled "Dropouts In a Drug Haze," we opted for the perfect first side only of the original release to bring you three tracks of stone cold punk rock headache sandwiched between two slices of drum breaks and bent guitars slathered with methamphetamine psychosis. Electric Crush represents the sound of Black Gladiator before it even existed, and we couldn't be happier we located him after all these years! Musical parallels to Muddy Waters classic late 60s fuzz guitar driven, break-beat ridden "Electric Mud" are plenty, so we came up with this take on the elusive & bold black cover of "'Mud." Limited edition of 300 copies!