NEW COKE "Duct Tape Your Mouth" 7"

[142EP] NEW COKE "Duct Tape Your Mouth" 7"

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We’ve waited almost two years since the debut single from W. Palm Beach, FL’s NEW COKE, and now Black Gladiator is psyched as hell to present to you their much anticipated follow up, the “Duct Tape Your Mouth” EP. What we have here is seven stiff black inches of terribly dark and uncomfortable lyrics, firmly planted on top of the catchiest tunes this side of Greg Oblivian’s Reigning Sound. Singer Danny Morales’ bizarre delivery twists and grinds over the relentless r&b fueled backbeat of the title track as well as “I’m Not A Fan of Your Romance (Asshole)”, and the beauty almost surpasses the threat in the closer “I Am Drunk, I Have A Gun, I Want names,” but don’t let the gorgeous melody fool you… NEW COKE is hiding out in the bushes waiting for you, and they’re packin’. Get ready for their full length LP in 2014.