BRAIN BAGZ "Naughty Man" 7" (Cover 2)

D GBR156C2
"3 songs about alienation, deceit and betrayal.Stoked we got to record at least one record with the fabulous Nora Price , Also way spazzed to have a record mastered by the one and only Jim Diamond." "Salt Lake’s BRAIN BAGZ have never failed to deliver a sound that absolutely devastates" / "‘70s punk infused with urban-decay-meets-fuzzed-out-psychedelic". it's something like Blowtops in the TRIP with Cramps !!! !!!!Punk /Garage/Fuzzed /Psych!!!! Limited to 250 copies with 2 different covers. (Goodbye Boozy)
[D GBR156C2] BRAIN BAGZ "Naughty Man" 7" (Cover 2)
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