CHERRY CHEEKS "S/T" LP (Third press)

D TPR120

It's always nice to put out something from your hometown. It's even better when that something is this good. Cherry Cheeks is the work of fellow Orlando resident ( recently relocated to  Portland) Kyle Harms. Started in early 2020, CHERRY CHEEKS was born out of countless hours stuck in front of a computer screen with a raging pandemic outside. Kyle put his boredom, boiling over anger, and frustration to work and started a new project. He put out a few bandcamp EPS and limited run tapes that a mutual friend back home turned me onto. He also informed me that there was even better stuff that hadn't yet been released.  I hit Kyle up, he sent me a few tracks,  and boy was my friend right.  EGG PUNK, DEVO-CORE, QUARANTINE PUNK.. whatever the kids are calling it these days this is 12 tracks of bass driven, pop stained, punk agitation. Third press. Pink labels. (Total Punk)

[D TPR120] CHERRY CHEEKS "S/T" LP (Third press)

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