CHICKEN SNAKE "Trouble On My Doorstep" LP

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D BEA119
Trouble on My Doorstep is the 2nd CHICKEN SNAKE vinyl LP out on Beast Records and it's one more pure gem! Remember CHICKEN SNAKE super line-up : JERRY TEEL (CHROME CRANKS, HONEYMOON KILLERS, BOSS HOG, KNOXVILLE GIRL... just to name a few...) and his wife PAULINE OWEN-TEEL, NICHOLAS RAY (VLADRM, Limes, Golden Triangle…), DANNY HOLE (WARLOCKS, NIKKI SUDDEN, KID CONGO…) and JOSH LEE HOOKER (HEADLESS HOOKERS). (Beast Records)
[D BEA119] CHICKEN SNAKE "Trouble On My Doorstep" LP
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