CHIMIKS "Modern Storm" LP

D FCR018
When the Fatals broke-up, Vince Posadzki, ex-Vipères, Aqua Nebula Oscillator, Bop Pop Killers and many others, originally from Quebec, moved to Paris where he started the Chimiks along with Louie Louie (Happy Burger) on bass and Ronnie Rollo (originally from La Rochelle, he played in a local cult Punk Rock band called Weak!!) on drums. It took them little time to record and put out a first 7" single limited to 250 copies on Élégances Records and then Slovenly put out their first 8-track eponymous mini-LP. This one was recorded at home, was super trash and fuzzy and sounded a lot like the "Free Cocaine" Dwarves : dirty, straight-in-your-face type of shit! Now the new LP, "Modern Strom", has been recorded in Toulouse, France, with Lo'Spider and Mike Mariconda (who playd in the Raunch Hands, Devil Dogs... and recorded a number of records for Crypt including the New Bomb Turks' first LPs!) who came up from Spain to help Mister Spider capture the wild and savage sounds of the Chimiks. Of course their collaboration was explosive and the sound on this record is fantastic! 10 new tracks that still reek of the good old bloody Dwarves but also bring to mind uncompromising bands such as the Dirtys, Reatards and Motards. (Frantic City)
[D FCR018] CHIMIKS "Modern Storm" LP
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