CHIMIKS self-titled LP

[702-87] CHIMIKS self-titled LP

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If you are one of the unfortunate many that missed out on the devastating crunch of The Fatals' slew of ultra-limited vinyl releases, Slovenly has just the record to cure your miserable lives. Ex-Fatal Vince Posadzki has teamed up with fellow Franco and supreme hipster/ rock'n'roll promoter Louie Louie, along with psychotic kit pounder Ronnie Rollo to bring us The Chimiks! Like the Fatals on an 8-ball of trucker crank sprinkled with hand grenades, The Chimiks blast forth with so much Stooges-meets-Oblivians/ Necessary Evils/ Reatards/ Teengenerate power and speed we had to present this platter on a 45 RPM 12"... the world's LOUDEST format! This beast is gonna be on every one of the world's sickest kids' want list!