CLIBBUS "Horsesatelite" LP (Random colored vinyl)


Alex “Beefus” DʼAurelio (B. 1992 )
“An Elliptical in my jaw holding a stick and capturing the the sounds of vehicles and animals in a tin can with one arm. While I donʼt generally care for much , it more than likely has the capability of being captured with a different scent or color or time allowing me to make it easier for documentation purposes. If itʼs even harder pressed, extending my throat might help it sit still for a cognitive photograph. Are you going to say itʼs not that or what it might be, maybe you are right but it's still not true by both sides”
You may have heard that unique scream or stream of conscious verbal flutter before. Some say it is reminiscent of a contorted mammal with a mouth full of candy and marbles, sprinting towards its ticklish demise into a 10ʼx10ʼ microwave oven. Whether you heard it on a stage, record , video, the radio, or even a random street corner it is a sound unlike any other. In fact it was the first thing Ann DʼAurelio head on the afternoon of June 20th 1992, when she squeezed out her baby “Beefus”.
Alex “Beefus” DʼAurelio is based out of Rochester, NY, where he runs his multimedia company “Clibbus International”. His main focus Is on making music and drawings to accompany those sounds. His band “Clibbus” started as a solo recording project in his late teens, and although he has been very active in Rochesterʼs underground music scene and playing in various other musical groups Clibbus always remained a personal outlet for his musical ideas that were considered more “off center” by many thus making it harder to use in any of his projects at the time.

[D CLIBB05]  CLIBBUS "Horsesatelite" LP (Random colored vinyl)

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