CRAMPS "Gravest Hits" 12" (150 gram vinyl)

[D DPR094] CRAMPS "Gravest Hits" 12" (150 gram vinyl)
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D DPR094
Gravest Hits is the first 12" EP by American garage punk band the Cramps, compiling both sides of their first two 1978 Vengeance singles, "Surfin' Bird" and "Human Fly", with an added fifth track, a cover version of Ricky Nelson's "Lonesome Town". It was released in July 1979 on Illegal Records and I.R.S. Records. The tracks were all produced by Alex Chilton and recorded at Ardent Studios in Memphis in 1977. Gravest Hits is one of the first records of both the rockabilly revival and the psychobilly genres. The photograph on the back of the original sleeve, of the band in performance, was taken at the Palladium theater in New York. Part of the early CBGB punk rock movement that had emerged in New York, the Cramps were one of the first punk bands, and also widely recognized as one of the prime innovators of psychobilly. Their line-up rotated frequently during their existence, with the husband-and-wife duo of Lux Interior and lead guitarist and occasional bass guitarist Poison Ivy comprising the only ever-present members. The addition of guitarist Bryan Gregory and his sister Pam "Balam" Gregory on drums resulted in the first complete lineup in April 1976. Mastered by Kevin Gray at Cohearent Audio. (Drastic Plastic)