DIMESACK "DimeSack Says God Says Fuck You" LP (GREEN vinyl)

D BSR009
That kid who sat behind you in 5th period World History spending class drawing weaponized dicks in his notebook, everyday he wore the baja his parents bought him during his 9th grade spring break in Cancun. He had Sharpied a mohawk onto Senor Frog and inscribed PUNK'S NOT DEAD across the front after he discovered the Dead Boys the following summer. One Friday, he passed you his demo tape, sticky with resin fingerprints, which you accepted gingerly with the cloth of your cuff folded-over as not to commingle your identities and possibly incriminate yourself. Before you could listen to it, your older brother, the Sandwich Artist who lives in your parents' basement, dubbed Korn over it, and it was forever lost to obscurity. That kid would grow up to be the guy from Wavves or something, but it could just as easily been the genius behind Dimesack. On-the-skids negative shit-punk with electronic tweaking from the betesticled half of Phantom Head, Dimesack Dan and Tony (also of Mentira and American Hate). These songs were hashed-out over years of 4-track experimentation and demo cassette releases, rehearsed to perfection and lovingly realized, not some half-baked mess of lo-fi nausea and piss takes. He's got a full band now comprised of KCMO hardcore, industrial, and psych veterans and he's looking to tour when the weather gets warm. Sounds like: one of those misters at the zoo full of bong water and piss or like Bolt Thrower as a scum punk band singing about endless baskets of breadsticks instead of war. "Let's go get Olive Garden and NOT PAY!" Vinyl is translucent green and limited to 300. (Blak Skul)
[D BSR009] DIMESACK "DimeSack Says God Says Fuck You" LP (GREEN vinyl)
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