DIRTY ASS "Setubuhi Dirimu Sendiri" EP

[277EP]  DIRTY ASS "Setubuhi Dirimu Sendiri" EP

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Indonesia is now fucking it up in the house of Slovenly and Mondo Mongo with a five track seven incher from Tangerang’s most notorious DIRTY ASS! Following a handful of cassette and CD releases, the “Setubuhi Dirimu Sendiri” EP marks the band’s first time on wax, and DIRTY ASS has delivered a speedy hardcore punk (heavy on the POST-end) fracas that we’ve gone totally bananas over. The songs are as much fun to say as they are to knock shit over to (non-Indonesian speakers: we dare you to say “Tersesat Dalam Labirin Tanpa Akhir Di Kepalamu Sendiri” even one time fast), and we’re beyond blasted to welcome these crusty dingleberries to our international stable of mongo punk shit.