ALUMINUM KNOT EYE "Lemon Session Singles" 45

[D LEM006] ALUMINUM KNOT EYE "Lemon Session Singles" 7"
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D LEM006
It took awhile, not including the several years since their last release, but here it is: a new slab from Wisconsin’s longest running weird punk group. (Dare I say “lo fi?” Nope.) These guys cranked out two tracks in their 4-track studio (technically a 3-track since one of them doesn’t work) and Lemon Session was the lucky recipient. First track is a pitch perfect punk track, the kind that’s so good it pisses off your mom. The second is long, noisy and slow, reminiscent of that moment when the pills kick in while you’re driving after one too many beers. Only 300 were pressed. Art by Rob Vertigo. (Lemon Session)