DAILY VOID "Identification Code: 5271- 4984953784-06564" LP

[D DBR073] DAILY VOID "Identification Code: 5271- 4984953784-06564" LP
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D DBR073
"Carved out of the belly of the late FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS, THE DAILY VOID features Mac Blackout, Dr. Filth and Rob Karlic. The evident spill over of the later BLACKOUTS sound seems to have come to a festering head with their latest venture with fervid, marching and snarling songs that plow over the cushy corners of 'art rock' with a welcoming, plundering, doom. In eleven wonderfully excrutiating songs, THE DAILY VOID spell out a bleak future for humanity that reaches deep into the minds of lunatics and twists their remaining shreds of sanity into a horrible vision of a scorched Earth that only produces mutations of the preferred and programmed personnel left that inhabit it. With the only traces of human essences being early Saccharine Trust chopped irresponsibly alongside the primordial ooze of Rudimentary Peni, it's a prescription for trouble any way you look at it. And it is INESCAPABLE...death comes ripping, scraping, clawing and drooling, indeed." (Todd Killings, 2007 VICTIM OF TIME) (Dead Beat)