VARIOUS ARTISTS "Bloodstains Across California" LP

[D VABAC] VARIOUS ARTISTS "Bloodstains Across California" LP
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Eddie & The Subtitles - American Society Injections - Prison Walls Funeral - Waiting for the Bomb Blast Reign Of Terror - Don't Blame Me Silver Chalice - Wasted Child Molesters - I'm Gonna Punch You in the Face Insults - Stiff Love Destry Hampton & The Wolves From Hell -M ean Boy Vidiots - Laurie's Lament Side Two Agent Orange - Bloodstains Vktms - Midget Maggots - Tammy Wynette Seizure - Cuties Wrong Now Gears - Hard Rock Plugz - Move It Controllers - Slow Boy Plain Jane & The Jokes - Class War Joneses - Criminals in My Car Cheifs - Tower 18 Dogs - John Rock