VARIOUS "The Rock-A-Round" LP

[D NR322] VARIOUS "The Rock-A-Round" LP
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D NR322
Hair-raising 1958-60 rock n' roll from the vaults of Atlanta's National Recording Corporation. Detailed liners, unreal photos and some of the wildest sounds you'll ever hear! Paul Peek The Rock-A-Round / Joe South I'm Snowed / Four Mints Wolf / Chuck Wiley I Love You So Much / Ric Cartey Scratching On My Screen / Shades Strollin' After Dark / Little Jimmy Dempsey Bop Hop / Tommy Roe and the Satins Caveman / Joe South Baby That's All Right / Rod Willis The Cat / Sweetie Jones Baby Please Don't Leave / Paul Peek Sweet Skinny Jenny / Shades Splashin' / Rod Willis Will Travel / Night Owls You Shouldn't Oughta Done It / Wayne Cochran The Naughty Coo / Joe South Chills / Link Wray and the Raymen Vendetta. (Norton)