ELLISON, HARLAN "Pulling A Train" Book

Harlan Ellison joins Andre Williams, Sun Ra, Nick Tosches and Kim Fowley at KICKS BOOKS, as he explodes from the launching pad with the first volume of mind-maulin’ short stories that deliver a one-two JD punch that is sure to rearrange your zipgun collection. The king of sci-fi future-bop finally reclaims the throne as the unadulterated boss cat of juvenile delinquent badass fiction with a mess of insane stories (including the elusive landmark JD/jailbait/bad seed socker SEX GANG) that have been unavailable for fifty years. Harlan has written a massive introduction that unravels the mystery behind his most elusive cranium crackers! Full blast at kicksbooks.com! Dig PULLING A TRAIN by Harlan Ellison followed by GETTING IN THE WIND (due this summer)! Order PULLING A TRAIN today. 176 pages. (Kicks Books)
[D KICK04] ELLISON, HARLAN "Pulling A Train" Book
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