FATAL FIGURES "You Are Monster" LP (RED vinyl)

D BSR006
"You Are Monster" is the second LP from Buffalo's Fatal Figures, the triumphant follow-up to 2012's also-sick-and-totally-worth-your-while "Caterwaul" on Big Neck Records. Traci and Aaron, of the prolific and hard-touring Blowtops, share guitar and singing responsibilities while Buffalo hardcore scene veteran John bangs on the drums.This isn't the Blowtops' blown-out garage punk, nor is it upstate NY HC, but a more precise, hook laden, noise-rock attack. Also check out the recently-released Beasteater LP on Big Neck, a collaboration between Aaron and Traci's efforts and those of Tom "Bantam Rooster/Dirtbombs/Seger Liberation Army/Choke Chains" Potter & Nick "the Dirtys" Dirty. Recorded by Odie from the Baseball Furies, Mastered at Lucky Lacquers. Artwork by Rob "is neat" Fletcher of Musk, 200 on red vinyl, 100 on black." (Blak Skul)
[D BSR006] FATAL FIGURES "You Are Monster" LP (RED vinyl)
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