FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS "Severed Tongue Speaks for Everyone" LP

Just in time for the Nihilist Olympics, the band that put Criminal IQ Records on the Clap, The Functional Blackouts, release their most DEMENTED record yet! From the descent into a teen Crowley/Lovecraftian demon's brain omelet on "Heavy Breather" to scabies infected, serrated guitars, crazed vocal effects, The Severed Tounge Speaks For Everyone stuns on par with the best as it soars into surreal states and towards something beyond mere words that exists as both repulsive and fascinating. This messterpiece closes the book on the Functional Blackouts for the last time (posthumous releases notwithstanding) and shows clear lineage for what was to come from their next incarnation at the Daily Void. (Criminal IQ)
[D CIQFUN] FUNCTIONAL BLACKOUTS "Severed Tongue Speaks for Everyone" LP
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