GOB PSYCHIC - "Gob Psychic" EP (YELLOW vinyl)

[279EP-YEL] GOB PSYCHIC "Rent Payer" EP (YELLOW vinyl) 

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Slovenly Recordings selects GOB PSYCHIC from Aarhus, Denmark’s buzzing underground, and this is our first release of a Danish band.

Inspired by the endless wave of Melbourne punk rock since Melbourne began punk rocking, as well as oddball sounds from the Midwestern U.S.A, the GOB PSYCHIC spin is just as abrasive, aggressive and compelling as anyone’s music that put them on this warpath.

Their debut “Rent Payer” 7inch reeks of alienation, and an apathetic stance on having to put their pants on one leg a time to get to earn some green and worthless office accolades, but they’ve managed to jump in to this sonic ferocity with both appendages, and claws extended.

The songs were recorded in a 2-day-session at Sauna Studios with Neil R. Young filling
in the roles of producer and recording engineer, with Jeppe Grønbæk Andersen on mixing duties and added instrumentation. Yellow vinyl limited to 100 copies.