GOKCEN KAYNATAN "Moda b/w Firtina" 45

[278EP] GOKCEN KAYNATAN "Moda b/w Firtina" 45

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Slovenly is proud to present the first ever official reissue of a Turkish holy grail - the 1966 tripped-out surf 45 by Istanbul’s Gökçen Kaynatan. Originals of this record - his first ever release, and from 1966 - are so rare that none of our Turkish pals have ever seen a copy, and believe us, they’ve been on the hunt! “Moda / Fırtına” is the platter from his early years as a teenage rock’n’roller, and these two tracks each offer a compelling listen and demand motion. While mostly drenched in the twang of his custom built guitar with relentlessly swinging beats, his budding experimentation with electronics steals the show. Imagine the sought-after “Countdown!” LP by legendary session man Jimmy Haskell with an Anatolian lean during the peak of modernism and you’re starting to get the point. Gökçen Kaynatan was recently honored by Finders Keepers with an LP reissue of his 70s-era pioneering in electronic realms that reminds of SUICIDE and MORT GARSON, but with the pungent tang of Turkey. This dancefloor ready 7inch, however, fills a glaring gap for the WILD, and satisfies the raw global itch that is the Slovenly Recordings modus operandi. LIMITED EDITION OF 1,000 COPIES.