GRUDGE/ LAURICE "When Christine Comes Around" 7"

D MMM011
Out of the closet into your greasy paws comes another hard 7” from Laurice. By now the story behind Christine is the stuff of dimestore legend; if your whistle wasn't wet after Best of Laurice Vol. 1, go no further. For those who took the challenge like a greedy little pig and needed more, here's Christine stripped down to her raw and revealing essence. Dripping with snot and oozing proto punk pus like a popped pimple, Laurice, recording as Grudge in 1973, proves once again why the world needed over 30 years to catch up to the bubbleglam vision he so masterfully manifested. Never to be taken for a one-pump-chump, Laurice gives us a backside with some sweet-talking aftercare from a lover with an appetite for self-abuse. While the Welshman wails like a demon with the throat of an angel over lysergic-soaked guitars, Jezebel will leave you spent and broke and thirsty for another ride. Avi Spivak’s luridly rendered custom sleeve seals the deal. Get it while the getting’s good, sugar. (Mighty Mouth)
[D MMM011] GRUDGE/ LAURICE "When Christine Comes Around" 7"
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