HUMAN TOYS "Excuse My French" LP

D RAN022
Human Toys is a Duo based in Paris, France. Their sound is a collision of electronic and raw rock’n roll sound. Mademoiselle Poupée (lead vocals, theremin) and Emma Amaretto (guitar, vocals, computer) like to play with female archetypes : subversion is the game and humor is the rule! Zeus Zelig (ex The Loons) joined as the guitar player for the US in 2012 and Stephen Kida (ex Dead Boys) played drums with Poupée in the US between 2011 and 2012. The band’s music takes you in a hotrod, navigating the mad road through a musical landscape of subversive fantasy, oscillating between garage, punk, electro, grindhouse and giallo movies. Their powerful live performances are moments of pure energy, saturated with their wild and sensual enthusiasm. (Records Ad Nauseam)
[D RAN022] HUMAN TOYS "Excuse My French" LP
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