INGRATES "Don’t Wanna Work” b/w “Leather Lover” 7"

D NNR002-2

"Well here's a new release that hits me right in my sweet spot! Ingrates are a duo from southeastern California who play '77-style punk rock with a touch of power pop. They've debuted with a digital single called "Don't Wanna Work". If I didn't know these guys were from the Mojave Desert, I might have pegged this track as a genuine artifact from the U.K. circa 1978. It's got an old school pub-rock inspired British punk sound with a really raw production that totally fits the song. And it's topical too -- celebrating the financial benefits of unemployment in COVID times. On the virtual flip side, "Leather Lover" is an ode to a stolen leather jacket. It leans a little more to the power pop side and reminds me quite a bit of the Exploding Hearts' demo tape. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when I realize that new bands are still worshipping at the altar of the almighty Hearts. I don't hear bands of this style as much as I used to, so I am quite grateful to have been introduced to Ingrates. I'm my record collecting days, I would have flipped my shit if I came across a single like this in the 7" bin. Well-done, gentlemen!"- Sorry State Records (No Norms Records)

[D NNR002-2]  INGRATES "Don’t Wanna Work” b/w “Leather Lover” 7"

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