INNOCENTS "Caen 1982" (2x 7", gatefold)

D VVV004
"First recordings by this band formed by four musically inept students in Caen, France, 1978, and originally called Les Stukas. Innocents played their first shows in 1980, alongside Theatre (one single on FLVM), Les Spurts, and Brainwash - "there was, among others, a show where Koko (bass) was threatened at gunpoint by a hysterical person, one at an anti-nuclear festival full of pacifist hippies (there was a fight, anyway), and one in a psychiatric hospital (featuring a nutcase masturbating in a window)." A planned tour was thwarted by compulsory military duty, after which they recorded six songs at the Melody Music studio in Caen: four of them are here, another one was compiled on the 1984 "13 Rock a Caen" compilation. Gatefold sleeve and an (inkjet-printed) insert with more info and lyrics (all in French)." (Vinyl Vidi Vici)
[D VVV004] INNOCENTS "Caen 1982" (2x 7", gatefold)
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