J.C. SATAN 'Hell Death Samba' LP


Slovenly presents a beast of a sophomore slam from our beloved European juvenile delinquents J.C. Satan. "Hell Death Samba," like their previous opus "Sick of Love," is a beautifully morose, sonic ode to the days of wine and dead roses, effortlessly melding goth with garage & heavy psych, filtered through a titanic pile of noise. This latest effort sees more of lyricist Paula S.'s vocals spotlighted in various structures from cranky twisters to bouncy tropicalia, like a crack pipe full of indy-rock with the devils pulse and a witch's cackle. Tricked out with a wealth of moods from huge punk rave-ups to underwater pop art dreamscapes, we've been simultaneously blessed & cursed with another provocative slab: proof that this demented crew of French and Italian pranksters are no one-trick-poodles.


[702-111] J.C. SATAN "Hell Death Samba" LP
More Information
Artist J​.​C. SATÀN
Title Hell Death Samba
Format LP
Record Label Slovenly
Release Date Oct 17, 2011