LO-LITE 'Basics' LP

[702-77] LO-LITE "Basics" LP

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We’d love to tell you that this LP is Lo-Lite’s best yet, but it just so happens that it’s their 1st, long lost album! What we have here is monster album of slide/ fuzz guitar driven Dutch blues-punk from 1997. With the original CD being long-sold-out-of-print, this will be a welcome release for collectors, especially considering the deserved death of the compact disc. So what made us decide to release this dusty artifact 13 years after the fact? It’s simple: this is Lo-Lite’s LEAST accessible LP (read: stripped down and raw!), which is just the way we like it. This collection of songs shows the band at their most wicked, devilish caterwauling weirdness. Not yet devoted 100% to the blues-punk they are renowned for, but not neglecting it either, this LP contains scorching fuzz busting punk rock jams dripping with satanic howling, not to mention the instant familiarity that any great record should possess. Graced with a bitchin’ sleeve based on their first demo from 1995, and containing a brand new motherfucker of a song called “Hellbound,” this album deserves a spot in the racks with the best of the broken blues garage punk psychosis in any collection.