LOS ASS DRAGGERS "Abbey Road Kill!" LP

D CR072
Maybe too wild to listen to it all the way through, but take out just single songs and they blow you away. Different 45s would have been the better format, but heck, just play a couple of songs and stop when it's too much... 21 cuts: "Big Daddy/What About The Fucking Martians/College Radio Shit/Karate Mountain Men/Limbo Dancer/Shitty Instro/F.U. Dirty Old Man/Big Black Joe/Casino/Little Miss Linda/Make Me Rock/Move Yer Ass Right Now Jerry Garcia/Drivin & Stinkin/Go Ahead/Asskickin/Gay Twist/Cheapo Beer/Makin Shit Like A Bear/El Esleazo/Treat Me Like A King/What Do Ya Do". (Crypt)
[D CRY092] LITTLE KILLERS "S/T" LP (180 Gram Vinyl)
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Format LP