LOT LIZARDS "Nightmare Creep" 7"

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D YAK032
Lot Lizards- Nightmare Creep 7”. Like most bands it all started with a drunken conversation in a rubbish club watching a succession of terrible bands in summer 2005. Lemmy Caution (Black Time) and GG Cicciolina (ex Kill, Kill, Kill) united by a love of not only early punk innovators like the Germs and Crime but also more recent garage goodness like the Oblivians and Cheater Slicks decided to put together something without guitar solos or Ludicrous drum breaks. The Lot Lizards lasted for only a handful of shows before Lemmy started getting busy with his full time band Black Time and he dropped out. The band forged ahead as a two piece and ripped out their unique version of punk/garage scuzz. Everyone who saw them couldn't decide if they were more like the Mummies, Black Flag or Pussy Galore. But the band didn't care they just played. So here it is the second single from the Lot Lizards. LIMITED TO 300 COPIES! (Yakisakana)
[D YAK032] LOT LIZARDS "Nightmare Creep" 7"
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