LYRES “Live At The Rat, September 3 1980” LP (Gatefold)

[D CRY126] LYRES “Live At The Rat, September 3 1980” LP (Gatefold)
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D CRY126
Crypt continues its delve into the BOSS-TOWN LOW-DOWN with this shit-hot 39 minute BLASTIN’ MUTHA (don’t ya know!) of LYRES at their most ferocious and in top rip-roaring fidelity thanks to a reel to reel tape discov- ered in August 2017 in the vaults at Erik Lindgren’s stu- dio! Erik set one line direct into the board and one mic suspended above the audience and the result is a BEAST of a set! Jeff Conolly (natch!) on organ and vocal and tambourine, DMZ cats Peter Greenberg (guit) and Mike Lewis (bass), plus ex-Real Kid Howie Ferguson on drums. Gatefold sleeve with unseen photos plus liner notes by Peter Greenberg, Mike Lewis and longtime Boss-town fanatic/scribe Bill Tupper. the MUSIC? ripping, absolutely ripping ROCK and ROLL music. (Crypt)