MAD DADDY "Mad Daddy Memorial EP Vol. 1" (PURPLE vinyl)

D MAD200
Dig your Daddy, boss Ohio deejay extraordinaire Pete Myers whose whammy banter combined 50's beatnik blab with Mad mag ratfink snearly raunch jabber all shot out of a cannon at brain splattering velocity! Here we present his zoomeratin' "What Is A Fisterris?" b/w a tight packed flip of vintage Daddy chatter Cleveland radio ads. Mad Daddy exited this earthly orbit of his own volition on October 4, 1968, desimating the hearts of fans ranging from Daddy's fave star Andre Williams to peach fuzz upstart Bob Quine who got set on a path to destruction early on, listening to Mad Dad's Buckeye broadcasts. Dig the wavy gravy, greasy dedications, and jet speed saucer blasts 1958-64! Pressed in Cleveland. Limited edition of 300 pressed on purple wax. (Norton)
[D MAD200] MAD DADDY "Mad Daddy Memorial EP Vol. 1" (PURPLE vinyl)
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