MAGNETIX 'Brain Out' b/w 'Rib Out' & 'Nulle Autre Que Toi' 45

The Magnetix (from Bordeaux, France) are currently one of the most prolific bands in Europe's garagepunk underground. Adding to their twisted discography of revved-the-fuck-up black plastic burners, The Magnetix have blessed our souls with three new blasts of rhythm and bent distortion that'll have you fucking some lucky other on the back seat of a hopped up two-wheeler. One song is sung in French (for all you lusty Francophiles) and we're pretty sure the other is in English. HAR! One thing is for certain, these three tracks, by way of nothing more than nuance, is reminiscent of the sides that 90s garage legends THE DRAGS graced our turntables with way back when we were first learning about cocaine and drinking whiskey straight up. As Magnetix drummer Aggy declared on their recent U.S. mini-tour when asked what she likes to drink... "BOURBON."
[702-91] MAGNETIX "Brain Out' b/w 'Rib Out' & 'Nulle Autre Que Toi" 7"
More Information
Title Rib Out EP
Format 7inch
Record Label Slovenly
Release Date Aug 31, 2009