MAGNETIX 'Positively Negative' LP


It's finally happened! The Magnetix, France's most prolific and distorted rock'n'roll band has finally teamed up with Slovenly for what is sure to be a match made in Heaven (or Hell, depending upon your definition of pleasure). We couldn't be more thrilled to be releasing this platter fresh off the heels of their publicly praised recent U.S. mini-tour. With this release MAGNETIX embark on a slightly more mature trip than their usual blasts of revved up raunch, and go for an all out oozing set of fuzz drenched hog riding throbbers. Members Looch Vibrato and Aggy Sonora (life partners and sole band members) are really going for it this time, concentrating equally on songwriting as well as displaying their pounding prowess. Take "Mort Clinique" in it's mid-tempo madness, catchier than cancer and twice as deadly, and we're barely scratching the surface of this monster set of instant-classics. With mega-psychedelic cover art to match the grooves within, be sure not to stare at it too long... your eyes could bleed right along with your eardrums. NO EXPORT TO EUROPE. European customers, please order from Born Bad Records:


[702-92] MAGNETIX "Positively Negative" LP
More Information
Title Positively Negative
Format LP
Record Label Slovenly
Release Date Sep 19, 2007