MESS FOLK "Modern Man" 7"

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D PSR007
"This is four short stabs of brilliant lo-fi punk rock from Sydney, Nova Scotia. It sounds like the New York punks of 30 years ago like the Heartbreakers, Ramones and Dictators, all grunge, grit and menace but with hooky songs. That raw power certainly fits the attack on suburban conformity in 'Modern Man' – 'do you love your god? Do you love your job?' - and the scratchy guitar solo in 'Damaged Babe'. Maybe the lyrics of 'Two Time' are a little tongue-in-cheek but it's not misogynistic (they might also have had a song titled 'I Beat My Woman Sometimes (And She Likes It)' but there's a deliberate snoot-cocking in their song titles generally). Punk rock was never subtle so just play this loud (easy) and enjoy (even easier)." - SoundsXP (Plastic Spoons Records)
[D PSR007] MESS FOLK "Modern Man" 7"
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