MICHAEL YONKERS & THE BLIND SHAKE "Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons" LP

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D NNR002
Back in print! Nero's Neptune yields to popular demand, and provides a limited LP reissue of the landmark Carbohydrate Hydrocarbons. Michael Yonkers' splattering, maniacal guitar shards and impassioned vocals ride atop The Blind Shake's driving riffs and scalpel-sharp rhythm section to create a 21st century high-water mark for both forces. It's hard to believe that music this tight, cohesive and utterly essential was borne not long after a chance nightclub encounter between an oddball, 60-something musical genius and a much younger, precociously talented rock band but, as they say, truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Cover art by Zak Sally (Low), RTI pressing, Stoughton jacket. Edition of 500 copies. (Nero's Neptune)
[D NNR002] MICHAEL YONKERS & THE BLIND SHAKE "Carbohydrates Hydrocarbons" LP
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