MIRIAM "Down Today" LP

D NRT409
Here comes the new album from Miriam, produced, instrumentalified, and sashayed to perfection by Sam Elwitt! This time, the pair tackle a heavy hitting stash of previously untackle-able favorite obscuros and add two killer Elwitt comps that are sure to stun! Get ready for another roll – gorgeously produced by Mr Elwitt and fabulously infested by super strings by Gregor Kitzis. Tracks: The Hand Don't Fit The Glove/I Keep Falling In Love/Take Me For A Little While/Cheryl's Going Home/Get Away/Don't Talk To Strangers/Down Today/Love To Love/Afterglow/One More Rainy Day/Don't Be Taken In/Our Love Can Still Be Saved/Which End Is Up/You've Got A Habit Of Leaving. (Norton)
[D NRT409] MIRIAM "Down Today" LP
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