MORDECAI "College Rock" LP

[D RRTT34] MORDECAI "College Rock" LP

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College Rock is the rabidly anticipated new full-length from Mordecai, the most charismatically tuneful knuckle-draggers in Missoula; quite possibly in all of Montana. The album cruises and plods across twelve tunes that recall the rougher trades coming out of the UK, the early squall of Cleveland’s proto-punk merchants and the reckless abandon of Will Shatter and crew. This rock trio lacks pretense; their power comes from the electric joy of plugging in and turning up. Geographic isolation works in their favor, as guys of Mordecai’s talent and vision would surely have been chewed up and spit out long ago by a more populous metropolis. Instead, College Rock proves that at least a few residents of Silver Bow County can teach a lesson in urban detachment. (Richie Records)