P.O.S. "S/T" 7"

D GBR154
Not much is known about this three-piece from the Netherlands, except that they reportedly rehearse in the basement of an abandoned sex shop that connects to an underground WWII bunker. Certain clues point to P.O.S. being a current band, but their sound is firmly rooted in that of the Dutch and Belgian punk bands of the late 70s. P.O.S. apparently stands for Persons Of Substance, not Piece Of Shit, but with names like "Condom" and Ruk Hetternit (which translates loosely to "Jerk It Again" in English), these guys clearly have attitudes nasty enough to contend with the old guard. Limited 270 press, cover art in black and white + insert. (Goodbye Boozy)
[D GBR154] P.O.S. "S/T" 7"
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