PIPSQUEAK "Ain't That Sad" 45

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D BR039
Long time ago I came to the BACHELOR office, slightly drunk after the lunch break, and I wanted to chill a little bit and play EMERALD MINE on my personal computer, Commodore 128D. I couldn’t find the right 5 ¼ inch floppy disk and it made me angry so I called Mindy via intercom to look for it under my desk or something. Well, she came in, also a bit tipsy, and sat on my desk, right where this white foldable device with the apple on it was standing, an apple that has been used already cause you can easily see that someone has bitten of a piece. Anyways, this thing began to send audio signals of superior quality, true in sound but I couldn’t get the lyrics. Mindy was also pleased, she said “Wow but weird-oh!”. After very entertaining 2 hours I called the interns to find out what this is and I also gave them a recording contract and instructions on how to get this “artist”. Now, only 2 years later I finally have the lyrics! Printed with black ink on with paper, on the inlay of the PIPSQUEAK debut vinyl 7”! Man, that was a crazy day. (Bachelor)
[D BR039] PIPSQUEAK "Ain't That Sad" 7"
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