PROTO IDIOT 'Andrew Anderson' LP

Have you ever noticed that when British people say words like "fuck" and "cunt" that it doesn't really sound so bad? Remember that band of trashy limeys that shocked the world with super-crudity and calousness in the 60s called the Kinks? They filled the airwaves and kids' turntables with noise and distortion and, for the first time in history, that didn't sound so bad either! I'm guessing this has to do with the fact that in England you can walk in to a bar and legally drink beer at the age of three. The United Kingdom's latest batch of fish-grease filth, including Sheffield's The Hipshakes, have been making sure that we don't mistake ugliness for pleasantries. Proto Idiot (ne Andrew Hipshake) has made damn sure of this with his debut solo LP "Andrew Anderson" Amidst the Jack Oblivianesque funked-out dirt-blues groove and bedroom punk spazz-outs we have tracks here with dreamy back up vocals and "Village Green" worthy melodies making for a brilliant onslaught of pop beauty, combined with all the expletive chaos you've grown accustomed to with the Hipshakes prolific discography. What we have here is a goddamn perfect 12 song LP of "fuck you you bloody cunt," but don't take it the wrong way... it's played in the nicest possible manner.
[702-76] PROTO IDIOT "Andrew Anderson" LP
More Information
Title Andrew Anderson
Format LP
Record Label Slovenly
Release Date Sep 19, 2011