PUFFY AREOLAS "Gentlemen's Grip" 7"

D HZR092
One of the most pivotal bands currently infecting the Midwest universe, PUFFY AREOLAS are a pummeling ensemble of free jazz skronk, laid mercilessly on top of a proto-punk nuclear waste dump, still throbbing with orgone energy. A Hawkwind cum-Lucifer's Crank-era Dwarves killing machine that doesn't stop until no one is left breathing, or god forbid, unimpressed. A sophisticated mess of noisy bursts of animosity and intangible hate-fuck hysteria, that's as captivating as it is alienating, pushing the boundaries of sanity, each and every performance. Once you tune your brain's lower end into their freaked-out frequency, you'll immediately FEEL THE NOIZE, and you'll quickly see how those gut-churning riffs can peel the paint off the walls better than any crew of Ukranian contractors in this neighborhood, that's for sure. First edition of 500 copies. (Hozac)
[D HZR092] PUFFY AREOLAS "Gentlemen's Grip" 7"
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