REPULSE "Habershon Ways" 7"

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D CAM001
"A Cardiff band featuring musicians from Brest,managed by Molly Edmunds, mother of Dave Edmunds. 4 tracks recorded live on an Akai stereo in their living room in 1981 in "sound on sound," without mixing, bass in the front, fuzz on all the songs, reference points are punk urgency, the Velvet Underground, sixties U.S. garage guitars, psych, a real curiosity. The band members are Alana Camus Holland, Jean-Pierre Jézéquel, Alec Ansons & Thierry Lefevre. The name REPULSE is one of the numerous names of English ships, that of the EP comes from the street in Cardiff where the musicians lived, Habershon Street. The front cover has a drawing by Thomas Maybank found in a directory of the 1920-1930 Royal Navy ("The Wonder Book of the Navy"), the back has a picture from a movie starring Christopher Plummer, 1979s "Murder By Decree." 500 copies were pressed by Kiosque dOrphée in 1982, the covers were handmade." Limited. (Cameleon Records).
[D CAM001] REPULSE "Habershon Ways" 7"
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