SAMHAIN "Unholy Passion" LP (Random Colored vinyl)


The “Unholy Passion” 12” EP is the second and overall best Samhain release as it finds them taking a step forward into a much darker sound than their debut. Includes: “Unholy Passion”, “All Hell”, “Moribund”, “The Hungry End”, & “I Am Misery”. This high quality reissue is an exact repro of the 1985 pressing and contains the very first mix that features Glenn Danzig’s original vocal tracks as well as Pete "Damien" Marshall’s guitar that were subsequently erased on the inferior remix of this record. This limited release has excellent quality and sounds identical to the first pressing. This comes in the classic tan color cover with all of the original artwork just like the original 1986 pressing including the original label artwork.

[D SAMUNH] SAMHAIN "Unholy Passion" LP (Random Colored vinyl)

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